The 5/5/5 Benchmark:
Challenge Cloud Attackers with Faster CDR

Discover the 5/5/5 Benchmark and empower your security team to combat cloud attackers faster with insights from Sysdig and Tines.

May 22, 2024

10 AM PDT | 1 PM EDT


Advanced threat actors readily leverage native cloud capabilities and automation to accelerate their attacks. Attackers need just 10 minutes or less to breach an organization. Traditional EDR tooling's limited cloud visibility and context has effectively hamstrung even the most adept security teams' cloud detection and response workflows. Security teams are ready to embrace the realities of the cloud with cloud native approaches, and it starts with the 5/5/5 Benchmark.

Join Tines and Sysdig to learn:

  • Sysdig threat research and how cloud attacks are different
  • What the 5/5/5 Benchmark is
  • How meeting the 5/5/5 can secure business outcomes and operations
  • Why real-time detection in ephemeral assets matters
  • How to gain better visibility and context in the cloud
  • How Sysdig and Tines can simplify DevSecOps, operations, and security workflows
  • How security teams can implement tools and processes to meet the 5/5/5 Benchmark


Dan Le, Partnership Engineering Lead, Tines

Crystal Morin, Cybersecurity Strategist, Sysdig

Moderated by:

Blair Howard, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sysdig

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