Banking on Security: Defending Against Cyber Threats and Regulatory Demands

Unlock cloud-native security strategies for banking institutions: Safeguard workloads, tackle cyber threats, and ensure compliance.

March 7, 2024

10 am Pacific | 1 pm Eastern


Discover how cloud technology revolutionizes banking security, improving efficiency, and ensuring secure services amidst competition. Cloud solutions streamline infrastructure, and boost application development, but pose challenges for DevOps teams.

In an environment plagued by sophisticated cyber threats, teams face a dynamic attack landscape. Prioritizing risks is tough due to strict data security regulations like the SEC's.

Sysdig's 2023 Global Cloud Threat Report highlights a crucial fact: 65% of cloud attacks target telecoms and financial services, exploiting sensitive data, like online banking information. Are you prepared for this imminent challenge?

Join Eric Carter, Director of Product Marketing at Sysdig, as he navigates the intricate realm of secure, compliant innovation within a cloud-native framework tailored for banking institutions.

Participate to:
  • Learn best practices for addressing sophisticated cyber threats in containers and the cloud, reducing operational burdens.
  • Gain insights into cloud-native application protection for visibility and risk prioritization, safeguarding workloads.
  • Explore Goldman Sachs and Worldpay case studies on cloud security. Understand workload safeguarding without developer slowdown.
  • Explore new SEC cybersecurity disclosure requirements and their impact on security posture.

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