Cloud-Native Security Redefined

Introducing Real-Time Responses with Falco Talon

Rethink your approach to threat detection and response in Cloud Native

The rapid adoption of cloud-native technologies such as Containers and Kubernetes have forced security teams to rethink how they secure mission-critical applications from potential attackers. The need for dynamic and immediate threat response mechanisms has never been more critical. Introducing Falco Talon, an innovative response engine designed to mitigate cloud-native threats in real-time. Falco, an open-source Intrusion Detection System (IDS) renowned for its deep visibility in container, cloud, and Kubernetes environments, serves as the foundation for Talon.

Join our on-demand session, with Nigel Douglas, Senior Developer Advocate, Sysdig, to learn about:

  • How Talon leverages cloud-native principles for efficient threat countermeasures
  • Real-time Threat Mitigation: Leveraging Falco's kernel-level monitoring to analyze system calls directly from the kernel in milliseconds, enabling real-time threat mitigation
  • How Talon transcends basic IPTables interactions, opting for Kubernetes-native NetworkPolicies for swift and targeted traffic isolation, showcasing its agility and precision in responding to threats
  • Talon's repertoire of real-time automated responses, illustrating its versatility in tackling various threats in cloud-native environments
  • Integrating Talon with Falco as a pivotal evolution in cloud-native security, offering insights into enhancing security postures in these environments
Nigel Douglas, Senior Developer Advocate, Sysdig

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