A Practical Guide to Resource Constraints in Kubernetes

Watch this technical deep dive and learn how to enhance cloud-native security in Kubernetes. Addressing resource constraints & mitigating risks.

The 2024 Sysdig Cloud-Native Security and Usage Report underscores the pressing issue in managing cloud-native technologies, especially Kubernetes, revealing a growing threat landscape where attackers exploit the lack of resource constraints, endangering security and financial stability. Despite Kubernetes' increasing adoption, alarming statistics emerge: less than half of environments possess necessary CPU and memory alerts, and most lack maximum resource limits.

This deminar tackles the challenge of balancing resource management and security in Kubernetes environments.

Topics include:
  • The impact of prioritizing availability and development agility over security
  • Vulnerabilities leading to cryptojacking attacks and lateral movements within networks
  • Implementing resource constraints in Kubernetes for enhanced security
  • Cost-effective strategies for mitigating security risks
  • Safeguarding against potential breaches and financial losses through effective resource management
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Nigel Douglas
Senior Developer Advocate

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