Off-Track or On-Target: Paris Olympics, Global Elections, and Cyberattacks

24 July 2024

11 BST/ 12 CEST


In recent months, attackers have targeted large political and sporting events, taking advantage of human error and major organisations’ cloud environments. Cyber attacks are more sophisticated than ever before with the commonality of cloud native technologies and services and as a result, detecting potential threats has become more difficult.

Cloud attacks are fast and attackers can inflict critical damage to an organisation in minutes. DevSecOps teams are progressively trying to keep pace with the many layers of increased complexity in their cloud estates. Once an organisation is subject to an attack, they have approx. 5 sec to detect, 5 mins to correlate data, and 5 mins to respond before the damage is done. We are witnessing DDoS and MFA attacks on a global scale on a more frequent basis. All organisations are subject to large numbers of vulnerabilities, but not all pose an immediate risk. By using threat intelligence, you can improve future operations, preparation and deterrence.

In this interactive session, Graham Cluley, podcaster, and independent cybersecurity analyst and Jonathan Care, expert cybersecurity advisor, former Gartner analyst, will discuss past and present cybersecurity concerns on global events such as the Olympics and elections, some of the more recent attacks to hit the headlines, the common challenges faced by DevSecOps teams in these cases, and strategies to overcome these hurdles effectively. Join our expert panelists addressing specific concerns and providing actionable advice.

Discussion points

  • Real-World Hack Stories: recent security breaches
  • Olympics, elections and global events
  • Challenges in DevSecOps. Common obstacles faced by teams in integrating security with DevOps
  • Strategies for Overcoming Challenges: Best practices for fostering a security-first culture

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