Kubernetes is a beast: Tame its security related events (using Falco based rules with Sysdig Secure runtime policies) - EMEA

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As Kubernetes continues to gain traction as the de facto standard for container orchestration, organizations are facing new challenges when it comes to securing their containerized environments. Daily administration efforts and the complexity of Kubernetes often leave security behind, making it difficult for Kubernetes specialists to effectively maintain their environments.

With Sysdig Secure, organizations can easily implement security policies that are specific to their environments and get real-time alerts for any security violations. Sysdig Secure's ability to integrate with Kubernetes and other popular cloud-native tools makes it an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for securing containerized environments.

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  • How Sysdig Secure can enable you to maintain a secure environment with ease
  • The benefits of Sysdig Secure for simplifying Kubernetes security by providing out-of-the-box policies and easily digestible events
  • The role Sysdig Secure and Falco can play in enabling effective security on Kubernetes to help in the daily administration effort that Kubernetes specialists face

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Denis Maligin, Principal Sales Engineer Sysdig


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