Navigating Cloud Threats: The Art of Swift Detection and Response

Join Anna Belak (Sysdig) and her guest, Allie Mellen (Forrester) in a dynamic exploration of SecOps, Cloud Detection, and Response. Embrace live audience discussions as they dissect evolving challenges, tool limitations, & the crucial bridge between Security and Development teams.


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Organizations are rapidly maturing into more advanced states of cloud adoption to maximize cost savings, scalability, and accessibility. Threat actors are also maturing to leverage these same cloud capabilities but for nefarious purposes. The stakes are high; today's CISOs grapple with how to effectively manage cloud detection and response (CDR) across complex cloud estates while not impeding organizational innovation. Yet, the response within the cloud is not merely reactionary; it’s a synchronized ballet of rapid incident analysis and remediation, orchestrated by automated tools that adapt seamlessly to the fluidity of the cloud ecosystem.

We’ll dive into:
  • Unique cloud detection and response challenges
  • Evolving cloud threats and why speed matters
  • The illusion of “good enough” with traditional tools
  • Bridging the gap between Security and Development
Join Anna Belak, Sysdig’s Director, Office of Cybersecurity Strategy, and guest speaker, Allie Mellen from Forrester as they delve into the rapidly evolving landscape of SecOps, Cloud Detection, and Response. Gain profound insights into the nuanced challenges faced, the limitations of traditional security tools, and the pivotal necessity of bridging the gap between Security and Development teams. This webinar isn’t just about staying alert; it’s about mastering the art of detecting and responding swiftly in the cloud era

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