SOAR Into 2024: Harness the Power of Your Cloud Detection and Response

join us for an action-packed 90-min session with co-hosts, SANS Fellow Dave Shackleford and Hacker Valley Media co-Founder, Ron Eddings!

April 18, 2024

1 pm AEST | 8:30 am IST



How do you mitigate a 10-minute cloud-native cyber attack? Automation is your only chance. Did you hear about SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response) in 2014? It only took 10 years to be propelled into relevance by the technical innovation of public cloud infrastructure! Come and watch our industry experts show you how it's done, so you can keep your cloud-speed business innovation secure from cloud-speed exploitation.

This event will specifically focus on:
  • Industry thought leader perspectives on the ever-evolving cloud threat landscape and defense strategies
  • How to stop a real attack within the 5/5/5 benchmark by harnessing automation with CNAPP and SOAR
  • Security vision for 2024 through the lens of real customer data from the Cloud-Native Security and Usage Report


Security Operations at Cloud Speed

Is threat detection and response in the cloud keeping pace with the speed of innovation or the speed of attacks? Security operations centers are often ill-prepared to protect these new types of environments and may not be aware of the threats they face. We'll discuss how to balance the need for visibility with the battle against alert fatigue and how to harness automation to stay ahead of the bad guys.

The 5/5/5 Benchmark for Cloud Threat Detection and Response

Cloud attacks are fast. After finding an exploitable asset, malicious actors need less than 10 minutes to execute an attack. While preventive controls are common in cloud environments, no organization can stay safe without a threat detection and response program for addressing zero-day exploits, insider threats, and other malicious behavior. Learn how to use the 5/5/5 benchmark to bolster your cloud defenses for 2024.

SCARLETEEL A Cloud Native attack in <10 min
Demo: SCARLETEEL Detection and Auto-response With Sysdig+Tines

SCARLETEEL, an ongoing operation analyzed by the Sysdig Threat Research Team, continues to evolve and adapt its tactics, with a focus on cloud environments. The attackers have developed new methods to bypass security measures and employ a stealthy command and control structure. Notably, the telecom and financial sectors are frequent targets, and attackers are increasingly using cloud services and exploiting misconfigurations. The speed of cloud attacks underscores the importance of swift detection to prevent severe damage.

SCARLETEEL can cause damage to a cloud environment in as little as 3 minutes and 42 seconds. Left unmitigated, this type of attack goes beyond basic cryptojacking and achieves account compromise and data theft. Watch our experts deploy the attack in real-time and defend against it within the bounds of 5/5/5. A clever integration of a cloud-native detection system and SOAR platform enables the auto-response required to defend at the speed of cloud.

The Vision for 2024 Through the Lens of Real-World Production Data

The Sysdig Cloud-Native Security and Usage Report has delivered real-world insights on how the most innovative companies in the world use and secure their cloud environments for 7 years. Our illustrious panel will share their hot takes on this year's threat detection and response data and make predictions for what they think it means for 2024.

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