Prometheus Got Out of Hand, Discover What Bloomreach Did Next - EMEA

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Managing open-source Prometheus can quickly get out of hand. As they scaled with Thanos for long-term storage, Bloomreach had a decision to make. The burden of maintaining the open-source project was too much and they didn’t have the capacity to build around Prometheus. As a result, the cloud-based commerce experience company began looking for an observability tool.

In this webinar, Matteo Giusto, Senior Engineering Manager at Bloomreach, a commerce experience cloud, sits down with Harry Perks, Principal Product Manager at Sysdig, to discuss the challenges Matteo’s team ran into with open-source Prometheus, including information overload and reliability issues.

Join the webinar to learn:

  • The pros and cons of build versus buy and the tipping point when Bloomreach decided they needed an observability partner.
  • How to replace self-managed Prometheus with a SaaS-based monitoring solution, and not miss out on the best of Prometheus like PromQL and Prometheus metrics.
  • Leverage monitoring solutions to troubleshoot and optimize your infrastructure and apps.
  • Modernization strategies that gave Bloomreach better visibility while keeping costs in check.
  • The operational efficiencies that enable their SREs to focus on building new software, not maintaining their observability tools.


Matteo Giusto, Senior Engineering Mgr. & Bloomreach
Harry Perks, Principal Product Mgr. & Sysdig

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