Spotting Vulnerabilities at Rest and at Runtime

The rise and popularity of containers and Kubernetes have revolutionised the IT industry but also introduced a lot of complexity including a huge number of vulnerabilities coming from different container image layers. To master those vulnerabilities both DevOps and Security teams are struggling to prioritise and address them, often without sufficient clarity or accountable insights.

Not having a focus and insights on the vulnerability prioritisation can lead to severe business impacts such as delayed go-to-market strategies, compromised client trust or worse - leaving vulnerable services exposed to potential cyber-attacks, which would not only endanger the daily operations but also could destroy a reputation of an company affected by a cyber-attack. Pinpointing the vulnerabilities which are in use is more crucial than ever.

In this joint webinar we will look at how Cloudsmith and Sysdig are helping to prioritise and address these vulnerabilities at rest and at runtime.

Join us to hear about:

  • The challenges being faced by DevOps and Security teams in prioritising and addressing vulnerabilities
  • How to improve vulnerability management, and enhance security practices within your organisation
  • How to transform your vulnerability management process, help to streamline the operations and significantly reduce the risk
  • Practical guidance on spotting vulnerabilities at rest and at runtime, enabling you to enhance your overall security posture

Alan Carson, Co-Founder, Cloudsmith
Denis Maligin, Principal Sales Engineer Sysdig

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