Sysdig Camp-Con-World-Fest-Summit

The DevOps Hands-On Container and Microservices Conference
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Two full days of rocking out on container and microservice monitoring, security and troubleshooting. September 26 & 27.

Keynotes: from Google, Docker and Sysdig
Hands-On Sessions Include:
* Crazy Container Troubleshooting Stories
* Convergence of Kubernetes and Production
* Kubernetes and Nomad. The Best of Both Worlds.
* Day 2 Ops with Containers: Myth vs Reality
* 3 Steps to Lower Costs in A Container World.
* Sysdig: A New Product Sneak Peak
* 4 hour Container Troubleshooting Workshop
-- Visibility and Troubleshooting
-- Analyzing Performance and Bottlenecks
-- Debugging Orchestration Tools
-- Security Forensics
And much more

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The next best thing to being it live!

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