Cloud Investigations in Just 5 Minutes

Exploring the Pitfalls of EDR for Cloud


Cloud attacks are fast. Malicious actors are leveraging automation and other sophisticated techniques, executing attacks in less than 10 minutes. Security teams must accelerate cloud investigation to combat these fast-moving threats. But how?

Join this session to learn:

  • How to streamline investigation, minimizing manual effort from your security operations team.
  • Key considerations for selecting security tooling optimized for swift investigation and response
  • The importance of achieving the 555 benchmark for cloud detection and response – 5 seconds to detect, 5 minutes to triage, 5 minutes to respond.


  • Jamie Butler, Head of Runtime Protection and Response Strategy, Sysdig
  • Matthew Rosenquist, Innovative CISO and Cybersecurity Strategist
  • Shantanu Gattani, VP, Product Management, Sysdig