Rethinking Security at Cloud Speed

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Ten minutes. Ten minutes is all it takes for an attack to be executed in the cloud. In this new world of high speeds and higher stakes, every moment counts. Threats are evolving at a breakneck pace, made possible by the same agility and automation that drives business innovation in the cloud.

Join Sysdig’s CEO, Suresh Vasudevan, and a panel of industry experts for a conversation that delves into the core concepts and challenges of modern cloud security, such as:

  • The Evolving Cloud Security Landscape: Understand how the fast, dynamic nature of cloud threats work to develop proactive defense strategies.
  • Emerging Security Technologies: Discover why next-generation approaches, including Generative AI, play a critical role in scaling cloud security at the pace of business innovation.
  • Building Resilient Cloud Security Frameworks: Learn about the integration of people, processes, and technology to create a comprehensive security posture.

Watch on-demand now! Walk away with key insights and strategies to help you safeguard your cloud environment and turn time into your most valuable currency in the cloud.

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