Every Second Counts: Delivering Secure, Compliant Financial Services in the Cloud

Cloud technology has shifted the way financial services need to think about security and the EU and US regulatory bodies have stepped up their game by introducing the EU NIS2 and DORA Regulation.

The NIS2 Directive introduces stringent rules for risk management, incident reporting, and supply chain security, while DORA tailors these rules specifically for the financial sector. The stakes couldn't be higher, with management now facing criminal liability for breaches.

Get insights from a European Union cybersecurity policy advisor, security leader from Santander, and the Director of Cybersecurity strategy at Sysdig where we discuss strategies for navigating changes and ensuring compliance in the rapidly evolving world of cloud technology.

Watch this On-Demand session to:

  • Discover the key requirements of NIS2 and DORA, who will they impact, and how security teams can prepare
  • Hear how SecOps and DevOps can work together to stop rules getting in the way of innovation
  • Learn about the challenges of cloud vs on-prem security and why a new approach is needed

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