Live Webinar – August 18, 2020 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern
Getting Started with Prometheus Exporters

With Prometheus, you can collect and examine data from not only Kubernetes itself, but also from the applications. This is one of the reasons it is so popular. For applications that you write yourself, you can instrument them directly fairly easily. But how do you get data from your packaged applications like web servers, databases, and messaging services? In this webinar, Brian Brazil, author of “Prometheus Up and Running” and long time developer of Prometheus will show you how to find and use exporters in order to make monitoring your applications and services a lot easier.

You will learn:
  • When you need to use an exporter
  • Where to find an exporter that is reliable
  • How to use target labels to organize your metrics
  • How Sysdig can help reduce the burden of exporter maintenance
  • Aaron Newcomb, Director of Product Marketing, Sysdig
  • Brian Brazil, core Prometheus developer and founder of Robust Perception

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