How to Stop Cloud Attacks in Real-Time with Runtime Insights


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In the cloud, every second counts. While cloud service scalability and extensibility drive innovation, they also significantly expand the attack surface. Attackers are good at leveraging the cloud; they are using automation for reconnaissance, lateral movement, and credential exploitation to carry out their malicious intent.

The result is fast and sophisticated attacks that often surpass traditional CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) and EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) solutions. So how can security teams prevent and detect modern cloud threats? Join us as we explore the key requirements for effective cloud security and learn how new features and capabilities in our industry-leading CNAPP will help.

Topics include:

  • Why prevention isn’t enough in cloud security. Enterprises must be able to prevent, detect, and respond to advanced attacks in the cloud.
  • How to instantly prioritize and understand what your risks are in your cloud environment.
  • Understanding the importance of correlating multiple data sources or domains to identify risky combinations across environments.

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