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Execute real cloud attacks and then assume the role of the defender to detect, investigate and respond.

North America: 1st Tuesday of Every Month - 10 AM PDT | 1 PM EDT

Europe: 3rd Tuesday of Every Month - 10 AM BST | 11 AM CEST

General Details

Time is the currency in the cloud. And in the cloud, attacks no longer take days – they take minutes. Cloud security requires a modern benchmark for detection and response. The 555 benchmark specifies that you have 5 seconds to detect, 5 minutes to triage, 5 minutes to respond. Achieving 5/5/5 requires the ability to detect and respond to cloud attacks faster than the attackers can complete them. 10 minutes — that’s all it takes to execute an attack in the cloud after discovering an exploitable target.

In this workshop you'll:

  • See first hand how cloud attacks are different. You’ll carry out a recent cloud attack named SCARLETEEL which highlights the need for automated prioritization and speed in defending against sophisticated offensive actors
  • Assume the roles of both attacker and defender in real-world scenarios to gain a comprehensive understanding of advanced cloud attacks
  • Experience firsthand how you can reduce vulnerability noise by 95%, detect sophisticated attacks in less than 2 seconds, and improve overall time to market by 10%

Class Details

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll execute actual cloud attacks like SCARLETEEL and then assume the role of the defender, leveraging threat-hunting strategies to detect and respond immediately in the cloud.

You will work through an instructor-led scenario covering a modern-day attack. By participating in this workshop, cybersecurity professionals will enhance their technical skills and cultivate a proactive mindset essential for staying ahead of evolving attacks in the cloud.

Moderated by Mateo Burillo, Senior Manager, Product Management

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