Streamline Cloud Security Operations with Sysdig and AWS

As the scale of your cloud‑native applications and infrastructure grows, your security teams need effective ways to manage and accelerate security across multicloud and hybrid environments. The integration of Sysdig Secure with Amazon Security Lake creates an efficient and streamlined approach to security and compliance at scale. It combines Sysdig's powerful runtime security capabilities with Amazon's scalable and cost-effective data lake solution to deliver a more complete view of security data across your entire organization. With Sysdig and AWS, you can take action on your security data faster and simplify security data management.

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  • Combining real-time detection with a purpose-built data lake
  • Why Sysdig Secure?
  • Why Amazon Security Lake?
  • Securing your cloud end-to-end
  • Maximizing security oversight
  • Simplify cloud compliance
  • Streamline security investigations

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