Sysdig @ Tech Field Day 2019

There’s something new at Sysdig!

Watch live on April 10

Join Sysdig, the cloud-native visibility and security company, for an exciting new product announcement and demo during Tech Field Day’s interactive, live-stream, presentation on April 10 from 2-3:30 PST.

When you tune in to Tech Field Day 2019 , you can join our industry’s top bloggers, speakers, and podcasters to discuss leading edge technology and get access to resources to help you get started.

How to Watch

Watch the livestream on Facebook Live or on the Tech Field Day page.

Click here to add to your calendar.

The Sysdig Team

Come for the product announcement, stay for the discussion as to how we solve the pain felt in the cloud. Presenters:

How to Participate

Take advantage of Tech Field Day’s interactive format. During our presentation the 12+ Delegates present will lob questions at our team and you can follow the conversation on Twitter with #CFD5. You can also tweet your own questions, to be answered by us during the event, at @sysdig.

We look forward to connecting with you!